TEBER-30/35 RCT is developed to be deployed on wheeled and tracked armored vehicles and equipped with medium caliber automatic cannon, advanced target detection and fire control system.


Unlike conventional turrets, remote controlled turrets do not have any basket structure and thus the extra available interior space provides a significant advantage to the user. Moreover, the gunner can control the system in a more comfortable area inside the vehicle.

TEBER-30/35 RCT incorporates the latest technologies in turret drives, fire control, protection and lethality. It can work night and day under all weather conditions and battle environments thanks to its integrated sensors and other electronic systems. Both the gunner and the commander are able to control all functions of the turret. The commander is authorized to take control of the turret over the gunner when it is desired.

TEBER-30 RCT is equipped with the Mk44 30mm/40mm dual feed automatic cannon with 250 ready-to-fire rounds and has a maximum cyclic rate of fire 200 rounds/minute. TEBER-35 RCT is equipped with 35mm/50mm dual feed automatic cannon with 100 ready-to-fire rounds and has a maximum cyclic rate of fire 200 rounds/minute. Two different types of ammunition loaded in the double compartment ammunition box ensure the neutralization of various kinds of targets. Different types of ammunition can be used in the main armament such as high explosive, anti-armor or programmable airburst ammunition. Programmable airburst ammunition ensures that infantry at the open field and the targets behind the wall can be effectively engaged. Automatic cannon and coaxial machine gun provide the crew with the ability to effectively engage a wide spectrum of targets.

SuperShot 40mm (40x180mm) ammunition can also be used in the TEBER-30 RCT. 30mm MK44 can be easily converted to fire 40mm caliber ammunition by changing the gun barrel and some other parts. Turret ammunition feed system can directly use both 30mm and 40mm ammunition without any change required. The number of ready-to-fire rounds remain the same when it is switched back to 40mm ammunition. Consequently, a significant advantage is acquired by achieving a more effective firepower with the same number of ammunition.


The coaxial MG consists of electrically operated 7.62mm Mk52 or gas operated 7.62mm machine gun and 750 ready to fire rounds. The major advantages of the 7.62mm electrically operated machine gun are that a misfired round can be extracted by the electrical drive and the gun can continue firing without any crew served action and the highly toxic propellant gas that occurs after firing is significantly reduced compared to conventional gas operated machine guns.


Teber 30/35 Uzaktan Komutalı Kule


The most critical feature of the TEBER-30/35 RT is that it allows ammunition reloading from inside the vehicle under high armor protection. Thanks to this feature, the necessity of the crew to leave the vehicle for ammunition resupply under battle conditions has been eliminated and personnel safety has been increased.

A bank of four 76mm grenade launchers is mounted on both sides of the turret towards the front. These can be replaced by grenade launchers of other calibers with respect to the customer requirements.

The gun turret drive system is electrical, with two axis stabilization capability to ensure high accuracy of fire on the move. The turret can rotate in a traverse axis 360 degrees, continuous with elevation from -10 to +45 degrees with rates of more than 60 degree/second.

The TEBER-30/35 RT has an advanced fire control capability with the help of its onboard fire control computer and two axis stabilized independent sight system. The system can generate a kinematic lead solution to increase the first-round-hit probability for stationary/moving targets and it ensures more effective ammunition utilization.

The dual axis stabilized sight system includes a long wave or mid wave thermal imager, a day camera with wide and narrow fields of view, and a laser range finder. An automatic target tracking system is also fitted on the sight system.

The TEBER-30/35 RT also has a two axis stabilized 3600 panoramic commander’s sight with thermal imager, day camera and laser range finder on the top plate, enabling hunter/killer capability.

Thanks to the independent power source integrated in the turret and user-configurable intelligent power distribution system; the turret drive, gun firing and sighting systems can be electronically used for an extended period of time.

TEBER-30/35 RCT provides multi-level ballistic protection thanks to its modular armor structure which is compatible with STANAG 4569 standard.


Mission specific features

  • Suitable for Installation on Wheeled or Tracked Armored Vehicles
  • Highly Effective Turret System for Multiple Threat Scenarios
  • Independent Stabilized Sight Systems with Advanced Fire Control
  • Automatic Target Tracking
  • All-Round Armor Protection
  • Ammunition Reloading Under High Armor Protection
    • Low Weight
    • Low Profile
    • Smart Power Distribution System



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