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The PARS IV 8x8 New Generation Wheeled Armoured Vehicle (NGWAV) was designed and produced with FNSS’ equity, considering the technical features that have evolved according to future requirements and the demands from armies worldwide. The vehicle combines user ergonomics with protection and high mobility.


The PARS IV 8x8 NG-WAV has been renewed in order to adapt to different combat environments, and has been updated to accommodate constantly developing technologies and to offer its users tactical advantages on the battlefield. The vehicle is developed to adapt to today and future hybrid warfare conditions that bring together symmetric and asymmetric threats.

The elements that determine the operational capabilities of the PARS IV 8x8 in the field; protection, firepower, mobility and electronic infrastructure, were adapted to multiple operational scenarios. Thanks to its modular structure, the PARS IV 8x8 has been designed to be configured in different variants that can serve as infantry fighting vehicle, reconnaissance, command and control, personnel carrier, mortar carrier, combat engineering, CBRN and recovery vehicles.

The two-man driver’s front cabin of the PARS IV 8x8, allows to operate day and night in all terrain and weather
conditions, and provides more than 180°of visibility and a high level of driving safety under armour. Panoramic periscopes at the front of the vehicle, as well as driving and thermal cameras at the front and rear, provide high situational awareness to the driver and commander. This allows performing all kinds of tasks safely under armour protection, without opening the driver's hatch.

The PARS IV 8x8 superior mobility is due to its power unit, to the balanced load distribution and to the fully independent,
height-adjustable, hydropneumatics suspensions designed to support every mission. Thanks to the all-wheel steering system, the vehicle can turn in a radius as long as its length and can easily manoeuvre in urban areas.

The modular armour system and special hull design provide the highest ballistic, mine and IED protection in its class. The ballistic protection level can also be increased according to users' requirements.

The PARS IV 8x8 NG-WAV offers a combination of the highest mobility and protection of the PARS family and the ability to engage the evolving threats of the modern battlefield.

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