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The New Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle

The New Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle

PARS ALPHA 8x8 New Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle

FNSS PARS ALPHA 8x8, is a New Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle designed to surpass the most challenging tactical and operational requirements. Built for full-spectrum dominance, it represents the future of military engagement, by meeting the most challenging mission objectives to fulfill tactical and superior combat performance.

Adaptive All-Terrain Mobility 

Embrace the future with PARS ALPHA’s leading-edge all-terrain capabilities. Through any weather condition, its innovative 8x8 all-wheel-drive, ride-height control and all-axle steering system offers advanced mobility. The hydro-pneumatic suspension with adjustable ride height enables persistent cross-country agility, enhanced by a turning radius optimized for confined urban warfare. Overcoming 40% side slopes, 70% gradients, 2.4-meter trenches and 0.80-meter vertical challenges is a routine for its drivetrain.

PARS ALPHA will be the vehicle of choice for future rapid deployment forces worldwide with an ability to achieve over 115 km per hour road speed. Thanks to its powerpack and advanced suspension system, which allows lowering the vehicle’s height for best road stability at high speeds. Its design ensures sustained vehicle mobility even with tire and/or wheel loss, keeping missions on track. An impressive operational range of over 800 km sets this vehicle apart, allowing for extensive deployment without need of refuelling.

The vehicle also offers superior performance and reliability with its extended operational endurance, covering an impressive 5000 km of cross-country and on road drive, without any need for field maintenance. 



PARS ALPHA 8x8’s reduced logistics burden, increased mean time between failures (MTBF) and enhanced mission readiness, elevates combat manoeuvres with a vehicle that goes beyond expectations.



PARS ALPHA, incorporates positive pressure and face mask CBRN defence measures by providing a sealed environment within the vehicle. This feature prevents toxic contaminants, enabling crew members to survive and maintain combat efficiency even when the outside environment is hazardous and lethal.

Its adaptable structural design and vehicle silhouette enables best in class lowerprofile while maintaining an extensive internal volume with open architecture. These features ensure the crew and dismounts remain fortified against external threats, underlining its role as a new generation asset for modern warfare.



High Level of Survivability

This next-gen vehicle brings revolutionized protection systems offering unrivalled resistance to mines, IEDs, KE threats and artillery projectiles. Mine blast attenuation seats, and positioning the driver and commander above the second axle behind the power pack compartment reinforces crew safety against very high-level of threats from all around the vehicle. This design approach provides unique KE ballistic protection especially at the vehicle frontal arc. Its hydro-pneumatic suspension system with adjustable ride height control can increase mine protection by surpassing a ground clearance of 60cm on demand. A gunshot detection system, laser warning, soft-kill and hard-kill active protection systems can also be integrated based on user requirements.

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Advanced Weapon Integration

The new generation PARS ALPHA 8x8 comprises the integration of advanced weaponry. TEBER-II 30/40 remotecontrolled turret (RCT) is fitted with 30mm dual feed automatic cannon. The 30mm cannon can be replaced with a 40mm barrel, by only changing the recoil spring and forward feeder. This convertible weapon of choice enables the user to upgrade its firepower with minimum effort, when and wherever required. A 7.62mm chain gun or MAG machine gun can be coaxially mounted aligned with the main gun.

TEBER3040 5

TEBER-II 30/40 RCT is also adapt to use various modern anti-armour systems such as Semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) and Automatic command to line of sight (ACLOS) guided missile types. Two each ready to fire ATGM’s are supported with an on board fire control system. This capability enables diversified threat engagements with an effective range beyond 4km’s.

Both the turret and RCWS is designed to engage multiple targets simultaneously from all directions. TEBER-II 30/40 RCT offers target tracking and two-axis stabilisation that allows firing on the move.

Besides TEBER-II 30/40 RCT, the vehicle can be fitted with various types of manned or remote control turrets up to 120mm direct/indirect guns or weapon systems, 120mm mortars, air defence systems and anti-armour systems.




A high elevation and low depression 7.62 or 5.56mm independent overhead remote controlled weapon system (ORCWS) is situated on top of the turret.

Its high elevation is used against threats on high grounds on urban environment (building, roofs, etc.) as well as encountering drones approaching from top angles. ORCWS is also used as the commander’s independent sight for hunter killer capabilities.




Unique Situational Awareness & Superior Crew Coordination

Since the late Cold War era, front-side-engine 6x6 and 8x8 wheeled armoured combat vehicles have followed a common design approach. In this traditional design, the driver is isolated at the very front of the vehicle, adjacent to the engine compartment, while the commander is situated behind the driver. Both occupants typically experience a narrow field of view while driving with hatch down position.

PARS ALPHA 8x8 New Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle features a revolutionized structural design by situating the crew and dismounts behind the power pack compartment. With its compact powerpack design, commander and driver are able to sit side-by-side. This new layout approach enables +180° real time optical situational awareness for both occupants.

It also enhances crew safety during long distance drives without opening top hatches at hostile territories. Subsequently it also ensures eye contact and improved coordination between the vehicle crew and the dismounts.

In addition to its unique optical field of view, the vehicle is equipped with displays and integrated 360-degree situational awareness cameras that provide both day and night vision for crew and dismounts.


This new layout approach enables +180° real time optical situational awareness for both occupants.

Air Transportable with Strategic Operational Capability

The PARS ALPHA 8x8 is compliant to modern military logistics as being transportable on highways, railways and compatible with a fleet of strategic airlifters such as the A400M, C-17 Globemaster, C-5 Galaxy, An-124 and Il-76. With this level of airlift compatibility, the PARS ALPHA is always at the vanguard, ready to establish dominance wherever the mission dictates.


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