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CAKA RWS Overview

The CAKA RWS offers great advantages thanks to its light weight, ballistic protection, target acquisition, reliability and accuracy. Being unmanned, it occupies less internal volume inside the vehicle.

The CAKA RWS was purposely designed for being installed on the MAV amphibious assault vehicle. A number of solutions were therefore adopted to protect it against the effects of sea water, in order to ensure maximum reliability, as it must provide the much needed firepower to the marines while they hit the beach and when they subsequently move inland. This makes it suitable not only for being installed on amphibious vehicles but also on light naval vessels.

The CAKA RWS is power operated and armed with a 12.7 mm MG (.50 Cal) and a 40 mm AGL (Automatic Grenade Launcher). The remote turret can be fitted to various manned and unmanned ground vehicles, as well as naval surface vessels.

It incorporates the latest technologies in turret drives, fire control and protection.

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