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Capability Enhancement & Life Extension Program

ACV-15T1 - Overview

Up to 2.700 ACV produced by FNSS are serving in the Turkish Land Forces, as well as in the Armed Forces around the world. FNSS started to supply these vehicles since 1991, and the final production batch was delivered to its worldwide users in 2004.

The ACV, operating independently or in conjunction with tanks, serves as the backbone of the armoured infantry.

As with all other post-Cold War era vehicles, ACVs have also started to fall behind modern armoured vehicles which are designed to operate in hybrid warfare. The intention in this regard is to keep the vehicles up-to-date, in line with the changing threat perception improving their performances and enabling them to continue serving throughout their extended service life. The vehicle modernisation package is designed in accordance with the feedback received from recent deployments and operations in which they were used. It is aimed at improving its survivability, situational awareness and firepower.


FNSS ACV-15T1 modernisation solution consists of:

• Optimum survivability including improved protection against mines, RPG’s and kinetic energy threats.
• Improved situational awareness with integration of up-to-date mission equipment’s such as: BMS, driver vision system, laser warning system, navigation and GPS or GNSS systems.
• Increased firepower with new generation, medium calibre manned or remote-controlled turrets and weapon stations.


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