Integrated Logistics Support

Fnss Integrated Logistic Supports

Technical Documentation Services

Regarding the customer needs, FNSS Product Support Department has the ability to prepare technical documentation for a wide range of products. Technical data packages are prepared according to customer requirements and those packages are kept updated continuously which makes them living documents.

Technical Documentation Forms: 

  • Printed copies
  • Electronic form
  • Interactive electronic for

Product Based Technical Document Types:

  • Operator and operator level maintenance manuals
  • Lubrication orders
  • Maintenance manuals for different echelons
  • Spare parts catalogues
  • Support tools and test equipment catalogues

Fnss Technical Training2

Technical Training

FNSS Product Support Department prepares training packages for a wide product range. These comprehensive training packages are prepared with user-friendly manner. FNSS Product Support Department trains trainers as well as trainees. Training packages may contain following materials and also additional items due to customer requirements.

  • Operator and Operator Level Maintenance Trainings and T3 Trainings
  • Maintenance Trainings and T3 Trainings for Different Echelons
  • Computer Aided Interactive Trainings and T3 Trainings

Training concept includes the preparation and delivery of all sorts of training aids and documentation such as:

  • Trainee Lecture Notes
  • Student Hand-Outs
  • Detailed Lecture Syllabuses and Plans
  • Theoretical and Practical Training Applications
  • Theoretical and Practical Training Evaluation Packages
  • User Friendly Interactive 3D Lecture Notes
  • Subsystem Cut-Aways
  • System Posters, Banners and Visual Aids

Technical Support

FNSS Product Support Department’s Field Service team offers customer focused in-service supply support concept, including and beyond warranty periods which encompasses the product life cycle. FNSS Product Support Department’s technical service policy is built on absolute customer satisfaction, based on high availability of systems to ensure continuous operations.

Technical support services comprise of following items:

  • Periodic maintenance services
  • Cost effective maintenance and repair solutions
  • Depot level maintenance services
  • Provisioning of OEM spare parts
  • Provisioning of Special Tools and Test Equipment

Remote Maintenance and Training System

The Remote Maintenance and Training System designed by FNSS, offers a solution that will reduce business interruptions and travel costs and increase working times with its wearable and hands-free remote maintenance and repair application. In addition to the savings from time and workforce, the application will enable solution and learning-oriented support with real-time communication. With this application augmented reality supported expert assistance will significantly improve support processes for the maintenance personnel in the field.

In cases where, the access of a technical team is not possible during the operation, there is a time limit, high cost intervention conditions occur or the intervention involves security risks, Remote Maintenance System provides support to our Armed Forces personnel and/or field representative who have technical problems in the field with expert staff with high experience from central locations, under all circumstances via hardware equipments like smart glasses, tablets, laptops integrated with developing technology.

Supported by smart glasses and/or tablet, it allows the personnel in the field to follow the instructions and physically intervene in the system simultaneously, and allows the centrally located expert personnel to follow the complex and optionally variable process steps. The system enables the technician at the vehicle or the user to perform even complex maintenance and repair operations that exceed their competencies, with live instructions on the system.


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