Promising Design Engineers of Middle Eastern Technical University (METU) showcased their knowledge and skills at FNSS` Amphibious Vehicle Design Challenge

Students presented their engineering skills with their amphibious vehicle designs in the EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) event, which held in Middle East Technical University, with the main sponsorship of FNSS.
Competition took place in METU Culture and Convention Center on December 22 and 23 Thirteen different groups, consisting of four students each team, took the challenge to design amphibious vehicles with a limited budget and by using given materials. The vehicles tested on a scaled test track which was built for the competition. METU Mechanical, Metallurgical and Materials and Industrial Engineering students participated in the competition, in which the competition subject specified by FNSS.
FNSS Jury evaluated the vehicles designed by the students in 11 hours, matching the given criteria. The winning group also entitled to an internship program in FNSS. The third ranked project in Case Study category awarded to the group consisting of exchange students from Malaysia. The winning designs, presented with their awards after Cem Altınışık, the Public Relations and Publicity Unit Manager at FNSS gave a speech about the history and the future of armored land vehicles in the closing ceremony.
EBEC is a European-wide engineering competition organized by 89 universities in Europe. Teams that are composed of four students from technology fields, regardless of status of their degree, challenged to solve the tasks that provided by organizers or companies. EBEC project begins functioning every year by the first Local EBEC Round; afterwards moving on with National/Regional EBEC Rounds and the winners of the National/Regional rounds compete in EBEC Final. EBEC Ankara is being organized by Local BEST Group Ankara since 2008 and 10th edition will be organized this year. The competition consists of Team Design and Case Study.
FNSS continues to supports creative thinking and innovative perspectives of scholars toreveal potential talents of the defense leaders for future.

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