Marketing Partners

  • FNSS Business Development (BD) Team is open to connect with new Marketing Partners. This channel will enable you/your company to get quick response from FNSS for your will to collaborate for new markets and opportunities in which you/your company has the expertise. Besides, we expect this platform to facilitate correct information flow about business opportunities.
  • A brief introduction of the candidate partner is requested for the preliminary assessment. FNSS BD Team will contact with the applicant to discuss the appropriate partnership type for both parties; or the process can be stopped at this stage without any further step if found inconvenient for any party. Based on Applicant’s competencies, variety of partnership options –within a diverse scale between “periodic market insight reporting” and “being the local production partner”- can be discussed.
  • Unless any contract signed between parties, FNSS shall not be liable for any information provided by the applicants. It is up to the applicant how much detail they want to share with no cost no obligation base.
  • The further stages of the process may require legal affiliation to exchange information. FNSS BD Team will coordinate all legal, administrative and financial topics at the further stages.

As an individual or as a company who is willing to work with FNSS in target markets for relevant business opportunities as:

  • market insight provider,
  • representative/advisor/consultant,
  • local production partner etc….

Applicants may offer any services for providing market intelligence or willingness to partner for specific opportunities in target countries based on their competencies.

Assessment will be based on up-to-date FNSS BD objectives and FNSS strategy in the target country. FNSS BD Team may request further information about the application and data on the program or market to progress. FNSS BD Team will contact with each applicant and respond to the applications.

As soon as FNSS receives an application, FNSS BD Team will assess the application in 14 calendar days and respond accordingly.

You may send email to for further questions and inquiries about the process.

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