KAPLAN 30 NG-AFV is a new generation armored fighting vehicle that taking the ability to move together with main battle tanks, has a 20 Hp/ton power-to-weight ratio, taking into account the weight of the communication system and the automatic transmission. The KAPLAN 30 NG-AFV platform design and up to date integrated subsystems enables all kinds of missions.


KAPLAN 30 NG-AFV is highly protected and has 6 road wheeled tracks. The vehicle is able to operate under hot/cold weather conditions at high speed not only on asphalt and stabilized highways, but also on soft soil, or muddy and rough terrain. The advanced suspension track system is designed to reduce vehicle vibrations and improve traction. Access to the vehicle is through a personnel door on the ramp or the hydraulic ramp located at the rear of the vehicle. On the top, there is a wide hatch for personnel and another hatch that has been specifically designed to maximize the driver’s field of view. The maintenance and repair of the power pack is performed via the cabin access hatch and hatches that are at the front of the vehicle. For balance, the two fuel tanks are located at the rear and are fully- armored and isolated from the vehicle to ensure the security of personnel.

KAPLAN 30 NG-AFV aims to ensure the safety and health of its personnel through its ballistic and high anti-mine protection features. The ground clearance of the vehicle, the floor surface, the seating layout and height are designed according to the level of mine protection needed. Specially designed mine resistant seats provide ease of use with modular construction.

KAPLAN 30 NG-AFV has more load handling capability with its diesel engine and fully automatic transmission. The fully independent suspension with a torsion bar provides ease of maintenance for the user as well as provisions for low life cycle cost.

The KAPLAN 30 NG-AFV hull is manufactured and integrated using a ballistic welding technique. The hull and hatches are water resistant, and lids are water-proofed via seals. While the power pack cabin and the expanded driver area is located in the front of the vehicle, the gunner and the commander areas are located in the middle of the vehicle. The personnel carrier version can carry 8 troops in the rear, and the turreted version can carry 6 dismounts.

There are laser-protected glass periscopes that allow the driver to see outside with a wide angle of view providing high situational awareness. Integrated night vision systems are standard in all variants.

KAPLAN 30 NG-AFV enables the user to carry more mission equipment and ammunition to the vehicle thanks to the increased useful internal space. Vehicle personnel and equipment layout are designed in order to allow the crew to quickly board and leave the vehicle


Mission specific features

  • High Protection
  • Mechanized Armored Infantry
  • Special Mission Operations
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