FNSS Participating to Brunei Darussalam International Defence Exhibition (BRIDEX) 2013


FNSS Participating to Brunei Darussalam International Defence Exhibition (BRIDEX) 2013

FNSS will be making its presence felt at BRIDEX 2013 for the third time.  As a company we first attended BRIDEX in 2009 and then 2011. At BRIDEX 2009, FNSS attended with our ACV tracked combat vehicle, which participated in the mobility demonstrations and vehicleevaluations. At BRIDEX 2011 we attended under the auspices of Turkish Defence Industries (SSM).  FNSS has a strong commitment to establishing our presence in the SE Asia region.

The importance of BRIDEX to FNSS is demonstrated by our strong presence at the show and attendance by Nail Kurt, Chief Executive Officer FNSS.

We will be showcasing  our  AFV design consideration of Firepower, Survivability and Mobility, which are still important in the mission objectives and the same time maintain a balance between vehicle weight and all terrain competence.

We also understand on the modern battlefields the importance of NETWORK CENTRIC Warfare and the integration of such C4ISTAR systems into AFVs.

FNSS has developed a family of medium-weight armoured vehicles to meet futurebattlespace roles such as reconnaissance, command and control, fighting and ambulances are just a few of the roles we have provided to both Turkish Armed Forces and International customers.

Therefore FNSS armoured vehicles brings:

      An armoured Rapid Effect Land Capability
     Wide operational utility
      Maximum interoperability with other deployed forces
      A “system of Systems’ architecture, drawing closely on development of C4ISTAR capabilities.
      Supportability and ensure of operations.,

Turkey considers Brunei as a very important partner in all aspects and the opening of a Turkish Embassy in Brunei Darussalam is an important step in this respect.

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