FNSS Integrated Logistics Support

Technical Documentation 

Regarding the customer needs, FNSS Product Support Department has the ability to prepare technical documentation for a wide range of products. 

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Technical Training 

FNSS Product Support Department prepares training packages for a wide product range. These comprehensive training packages are prepared with user-friendly manner.

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Technical Support

FNSS Product Support Department’s Field Service team offers customer focused in-service supply support concept, including and beyond warranty periods which encompasses the product life cycle.

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Test & Analysis

Mobility ve Performance

Mobility and performance studies are conducted for FNSS vehicles under land and water operations during conceptual design, detailed design and prototyping stages. 

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Protection and Survivability

Sample, half body and full body mine blast analysis and test studies are executed during conceptual design, detail design and prototype phases. 

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Structural Strength and Vibration

Due to the light weight requirement of amphibious vehicles, structural optimization is needed for designed systems. Ansys Structural/Mechanical software is utilized for precise calculations of stress and strain.

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