Informatıon Security Management System Policy

At FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş., while providing our products and services to our local customers and our customers abroad in line with our ideals, mission and targets in the framework of the laws and legislations in effect, we commit to:

  • plan, establish, operate, control, and improve an information security management system in compliance with ISO 27001 certification standard,
  • define the roles and responsibilities about establishing, operating, and ensuring the continuity of the system,
  • define related targets and evaluate their relevancy in certain periods,
  • define the information assets of the institution and manage the related risks,
  • define targets for uninterruptedness and strategies for the continuity of business by conducting business impact analysis with the aim of meeting the system requirements properly.
  • ensure the elements of confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of institutional information,
  • allocate the resources required to increase the competence of our employees with the aim of meeting system requirements and operating the system efficiently, and to plan the related training programs,
  • carry out regular revisions with the aim of continuous improvement of the processes and activities that are used to operate the system,
  • plan awareness raising and guiding activities in order to enable the participation and adaptation of all our personnel and business partners to the information security management system in accordance with our integral approach,
  • ensure compliance with standards, legal legislations and contract requirements in accordance with our administrative policy,
  • implement information management system as an indispensable part of our corporate culture


(*) Document No: GN-IT-PY-00003, Revision 01