Career at FNSS


University Students

We determine quotas of interns with Human Resources and the related departments. We evaluate the intern applications gathered from either the web-site or personal applications. Eligible candidates ( min. GPA 2,5 over 4 /min 65 over 100) are placed in line with departmental quotas.

Cooperative Education Program Students

Within the framework of this program, we provide year round internship oppurtunities for the students of the university for which we signed a protocol with.

Eligible candidates who are selected by Cooperative Education Program Management of this university are placed according to departmental quotas.

Vocational High School

We provide internship opportunities to students within the framework of the Vocational Training Act 3308 in accordance with prescribed quota. Students who meet the performance criterias are placed by Human Resources Department and the school management. We pay to Vocational High School students not less than 30% of minimum wage.