PARS 8x8 Wheeled Armored Combat Vehicles

PARS is the new generation of wheeled armored combat vehicle (WACV) designed and developed by FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. PARS has been developed with a special emphasis on mobility, protection, payload, and growth potential. The vehicles employ the latest designs and technologies with special emphasis on the performance and durability of modern military operational requirements. The vehicles are available in 6x6 and 8x8 configurations. FNSS has named the vehicles as PARS which in Turkish means “Anatolian Leopard”.

Pars 8x8 is fitted with independent air spring suspension. Hydro pneumatic suspension system is still an option for the user.

One of the most significant features of PARS 8x8 vehicles is situational awareness. Commander and driver sit side-by-side concept is standard in all PARS FoV’s. For enhanced visibility, there are two thermal cameras in the front and rear, as well as two optical cameras at the front and rear. Local situational awareness is significantly enhanced.

The power pack is located at the rear of the driver between the first and second axles. Left side located powerpack leaves an aisle on the right side for the commander and driver cockpit to access the rear troop compartment.

The vehicle is provided with roof hatches and a power operated ramp at the rear and in addition there is an emergency hatch at the right side of the hull between the first and second road wheel stations.

11 to 13 personnel can be carried, depending on the role and the weapon system fitted on the vehicle. Foldable blast attenuation seats are used for crew and dismounts against mines and IED threats.

Powerpack consists of a water cooled 550 hp diesel engine, coupled with a fully automatic transmission which gives a maximum road speed of up to 100 km/h.

PARS is fully amphibious being propelled in the water at a speed of up to 8 km/h by two water jets mounted one either side of the hull at the rear. The driver can deploy the trim vane at the front of the hull, activate the bilge pumps and activate the water jets without leaving his position.

The PARS 8x8 has an effective all wheel steering system that is equally well suited to high-speed highway driving or manoeuvring in tight narrow urban streets. All of this high performance steering capability is done simply and automatically for the driver and is transparent to him in the operation of the vehicle.

Standard equipment fitted in the vehicle are; NBC protection system, air conditioning, anti-lock braking system, central tyre inflation system, run flat inserts and a self-recovery winch.

The vehicle can be fitted with various weapons systems depending on the user requirements.

The PARS vehicles feature a distributed electrical computing system made up of electronic control modules interconnected by a SAE standardized CAN bus technology for high-speed and high-resolution data transfer. The entire electrical system is an over-current protected solid state system without fuses.

FNSS recently signed a master agreement with its Malaysian partner Deftech for the development and production of 257 each Malaysian AV8 (8x8) armored wheeled vehicles in 12 configurations. The vehicle is based on PARS 8x8.

PARS 8x8 WAVs are air deployable by A400, C17 & C5 aircraft as well as railway & sea transport vessels.

Mission Specific Features

  • Two thermal cameras and CCD cameras in the front and rear, providing driver/commander with high situational awareness
  • All wheel steer
  • All wheel drive
  • Anti lock braking system (ABS)
  • Dual channel central tire inflation (CTI) and run flat tire inserts
  • Self recovery winch
  • Integrated survivability suite
  • Modularity allowing use of common components among vehicle configurations
  • Independent air suspension system with ride height adjustment


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